Our goal is to help our Clients no matter where they are.

Lawyers’Work team.

DSC_1510.jpgLawyers’Work is a Russian firm that provides legal services to businesses with both Russian and foreign capital as well as to Russian and foreign private Clients.

In order to ensure our Clients’ expectations in getting qualified legal assistance, we integrate the expertise in modern legal mechanisms regulated by Russian and foreign law. We aim to understand Clients’ needs, resolve challenges and avoid potential legal problems.

 Currently the Russian legislation is undergoing serious changes, getting closer to the European standards. Nevertheless, foreign companies can come across some legal pitfalls while doing business in Russia. Lawyers’Work specialists will bring a wealth of their experience and knowledge to their Clients to fulfill their vital needs.

Everyday our lawyers do their job following the principles of:

• providing expert legal advice
• meeting Client’s deadlines
• confidentiality

Lawyers’Work team is mainly comprised of graduates of the International Law department of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA), one of the top universities in Russia (official website). Our current relations with the RFTA are based on the Cooperation Agreement.

  • Legal services

    We focus on civil law cases such as: 

    Corporate Law // Contract Law // Antitrust Law // Real Estate // Tort Law // Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

    We provide private Clients with necessary legal advice concerning investment in their own or start – up business // matrimonial // succession matters.

    Our attorneys are prepared to provide legal help to persons charged with committing white collar crimes in Russia. This legal help includes advising the Clients before // during the trial // taking urgent measures to protect the business from possible hostile takeovers.

    Lawyers’Work assist their Clients in cooperation with government bodies // notaries // translation of legal documents.

    Please find below the list of legal services that we are pleased to provide.

    • Legal consultation regarding:

    private Clients’ matters such as matrimonial // succession // tort // investment into share capital of Russian // foreign companies

    setting up // doing business in Russia (M&A transactions // joint ventures // setting up branch business)

    Depending on the Clients’ needs, legal consultation may be oral // written, which is often prepared in the form of Memorandum.

    • Drafting legal agreements and contracts, in particular:

    sale and purchase agreement (SPA)

    option agreement

    shareholders agreement (SHA)

    foreign trade contract

    other civil law contract

    • Legal due diligence

    • Anti – trust regulation matters:

    notification of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS)

    obtainment of the FAS approval of transaction

    • Alternative dispute resolution:

    organisation of negotiation // mediation

    arbitration agreement

    • Litigation (various civil law cases):

    drafting a claim // defense statement

    presenting Clients’ interests in Russian courts of all levels

    • White collar crimes:

    defence of Client’s interests who committed white collar crime

    protection of business from any possible negative consequences regarding criminal charges

    If you need particular legal service not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us direct (Contacts in Russia). 

  • Price police

    Our price policy is flexible in comparison with those of most Russian // foreign law firms dealing with similar complex international matters.

    We are really proud of having worked out a comprehensive approach to the estimation of our legal services taking into account objective criteria (complexity of Client’s case) as well as subjective criteria (Client’s financial performance).

    Loyalty is what we really appreciate in our Clients, so we are happy to grant them special discounts on our legal services. Our firm is doing its best to support young businesses known as start–ups and is pleased to provide them with beneficial discount system.

    In avoidance of any misunderstanding, we consider a business as a start–up if it has existed not longer than three years on the date of recourse to Lawyers’Work law firm.

  • Contacts in Russia

    You can contact us direct via + 7 (495) 150 – 09 – 67 (multi–line phone) or via info@lawyerswork.ru

    Our lawyers are willing and able to accompany the Clients on business trips, if required.

    We are happy to answer your questions on Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. (Moscow time)